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Radford Welding is the #1 solution for all your welding and fabrication needs. We are a full-service metal fabrication and repair company. We specialized in prototype and large-scale development of Industrial Racks for manufacturing and storage. In addition, we offer residential work, commercial work, industrial, agricultural, blacksmithing, millwright and welding services, general repair and maintenance services, heavy equipment, and fleet repair. We have clients such as residents, farmers, small businesses, and Corporations. 


Radford Welding and Fabrication can see any industrial or personal project through, from taking a drawing from a scrap piece of paper to a prototype, scale production, installation, setup, to repair work. We have experienced craftsmen that can achieve all your welding, machining and fabricating needs. Let us help you design and build the fixtures you need for your business.

We have an on-site full-time certified welder. WE DO NOT OFFER MOBILE WELDING. 


Metal Supplier: Tubing, Plate, Angle, Hot Rolled, Channel, Cold Rolled, Expanded:


* Steel




Certified & Licensed Welding Services: Tig, Mig, Stick:

*Aluminum Welding 

*Cast Iron Welding 

*Stainless Steel Welding

*Steel Welding

*Magnesium Welding

Press Break Available:

*Are you looking to have brackets formed or need metal bent? We now offer metal bending services. 


Frame Repair on Vehicle: 

*Your vehicle will not pass STATE inspection? We can help! (**Some restrictions apply**) 


Custom Fabrication:

*We love to build from metal* We can take a scrap piece of paper and make it a reality. Come in and let us build your project.


Aluminum Jon Boat / Pontoon Services:

*Repair Holes 

*Expand Decks 

*Fabricate Trolling Motor Mount 

*Modify Live Wells

*Boat Trailer Brackets

*Transom Motor Modifications

Welding - Repair- Fabrication - Precision Machine Services:

*Development of Industrial Racks for Storage 


*Custom Welding 

*Tow Truck Boom Repair 

*Lawn Mower - Deck - Repair - Weld 

*Heavy Equipment & Machinery - Repair - Weld 

*Race or Antique Car Parts - Repair - Weld 

*Aluminum - Steel Bicycles - Repair - Weld 

*Metal Wheelchair Frames - Repair - Weld

*Dumpster - Roll Off Containers - Repair - Weld   *Metal Shelving Units - Build - Repair - Weld 


*Trailer Hitch Repair - Repair - Weld 

*Metal Sign Frames - Build - Repair - Weld 

*Wheel Studs

*PTO Shafts - Housing 

*Trailer Jacks - Mounting Plate 

*Sweeper - Repair - Weld 

*Door Frame - Repair - Weld 

*Radiator - Weld Holes - Brackets

*Cylinders - Repair - Machine - Weld 

*Steamer Cabinet - Commercial - Build - Weld 

*Snow Plows - Blades - Weld - Repair - Machine 

*Intake Manifold - Weld 

*Post Drivers - Repair 

*Adapter's - Machine - Weld 

*Brackets - Build - Repair - Weld 

*Remove Broken Bolts or Wheel Studs 

*Surface Manifold 

*Cast Iron Stove - Weld - Repair 

*Metal Mail Boxes - Weld - Repair

*Custom Machining 

*Stove Door - Repair - Weld 

* Metal Yard Art

*Manufacturing Industrial Racks for Storage



*Lawn Furniture - Repair - Weld

*Dump Truck - Tarp Arm and Hitches - Repair - Weld

*Utility Trailer Repair - Car Hauler Trailer - Repair - Weld

*Exhaust Pipes - Weld (some restrictions apply)

*Metal Storage - Industrial Racks - Build - Repair - Weld

*Custom Fabrication

*Boom Trucks - Repair - Weld

*Wood Chipper - Industrial or Residential - Repair - Weld

*Raw Iron Gates - Fences (DO NOT INSTALL)

*Pintle Hooks - Repair - Weld

*Auto body Dollies - Build - Repair - Weld

*Hydraulic Cylinder - Repair - Weld

*Swivel Wheel Spindles

*Trailer Ramps - Build - Repair - Weld

*Motorcycle Tanks - Repair - Weld

*Canoe Repair - Weld - Repair

*Metal Pallet Racks - Build - Repair - Weld 

*Fittings - Machine

*Fuel Towers - Build - Repair - Weld 

*Power Steering Line - Repair

*Aluminum Pipe for Inter-cooler - Weld

*Draft Arms - Tractor - Machine - Repair - Weld

*Pump - Repair - Weld

*Press Off Old Seal off Axles - Machine

*Fireplace Inserts - Grate - Repair - Weld

*Light Pole Covers - Build - Repair - Weld

*Excavator Cylinder - Repair - Weld - Machine

*Bobcat Bucket - Bushings - Machine - Fabricate

*RV Brush & Moose Guard - Build - Repair - Weld 


*Precision Machining 

*Iron Construction 

*Sheet Metal Construction 

*Turn Flywheel - install start ring 

*Machine Pins 

*Drill Holes 

*Sharpen Metal Stakes 

*Adapter *Brackets

*Install Seal on Axles 

*Custom Welding 

*Solar Panel Frames

*Machine Shop

*Metal Fabrication

*Metal Brackets

*Machine Bushings

*Gate Latches

*Brass Fittings

*Steel Blocks

*Custom Fabrication  
*CNC Plasma Table 


*Metal Art Decor from re-purposed items (See Photo Gallery)

*New Hand Rails (DO NOT INSTALL)

*Auto Body Dollies

*Trailer Ramps

*Storage Racks

*Metal Sign Frames

*Pole Saw Aluminum or Steel Boxes (See Photo Gallery)

*Utility Trailer (See Photo Gallery)

*Metal Pallet Racks

*Fireplace Inserts - Grates

*Shelving Units

*Steel Log Racks (See Photo Gallery)

*Natural Gas Bottle Rack (See Photo Gallery)

ARI Fleet Certified:

*Hy-Rail Inspections

*Hy-Rail Repair

*ARI Fleet Vehicles

Due to our quality of work and fast turnaround time, we have done numerous repairs for Norfolk Southern and other large industries.

Calvin is well-known in the NRV as one of the best welders in town. He takes pride in his work and reputation.


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