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John Boat 3.webp

Photo Gallery

The albums on this page were items that Radford Welding created, modified, or fabricated. This page is designed to show the projects that we are capable of doing. The items shown on this page should not be copied or replicated with permission of Radford Welding.

Sardine Briefcase

Website photo 3.jfif
Website Photo 1.jfif

Adapter with pintle hook

Custom Stand

Stand 2_edited.jpg

        Custom light fixture

light 2.jfif
Light 1.jfif

Customizing a pontoon boat

           Custom Kitchen Table

table 2.jfif
table 4.jfif
table 10.jfif
table 11.jfif
table 3.jfif
table 9.jfif
table 8.jfif
table 14.jfif
table 17.jfif

              Custom Trailer Hitch 

trailer hitch 2.jfif
trailer hitch 3.jfif
trailer hitch.jfif

                        Fireplace Grate

fire grate 2.jfif
fire grate 1.jfif
fire grate 3.jfif

            Custom Step Trailer Hitch

Step Hitch.jfif
step 5.jfif

 Virginia Tech Turkey

turkey 2.jfif
Step Hitch 3.jfif

    Custom Crankshaft Lamp

Craft Shaft Lamp.webp

     Custom Moose Guard

Moose 2.jfif
Moose 3.jfif

      Plastic Roller

Plastic Roller 5.jfif
Plastic Roller.jfif
Plastic Roller 4.jfif
Plastic Roller 3.jfif
Plastic Roller 2.jfif

Customized Aluminum John Boat

John Boat 10.webp
John Boat 4.webp
John Boat 5.webp
John Boat 9.webp
John Boat 6.webp
John Boat 7.webp
John Boat 8.webp

        Customizing an Utility Trailer

Trailer 8.jfif
Trailer 6.jfif
Trailer 7.jfif
Trailer 3.jfif
Trailer 1.jfif
Trailer 4.jfif
Trailer 5.jfif

Gutter Machine Trailer

Gutter Machine 4.jfif
Gutter Machine 3.jfif

Tarp Arm on Dump Truck

Dump Truck 2.jfif
Dump Truck 3.jfif
Dump Truck.jfif
Dump Truck 4.jfif
Gutter Machine.jfif
Gutter Machine 2.jfif

Old Car Wheel Chandiler

wagon wheel.jfif
Wagon Whel 3.jfif

Custom Utility Trailer

New Trailer.jfif
New Trailer 2.jfif
New Trailer 3.jfif
New Trailer 8.jfif
New trailer 9.jfif
New Trailer 10.jfif
New Trailer 7.jfif
New Trailer 11.jfif
New Trailer 6.jfif
New Trailer 5.jfif
New Trailer 4.jfif
New Trailer 12.jfif
New Trailer 13.jfif

Roll Off Dumpster 

Dumpster 4.jfif
Dumpster 3.jfif
Dumpster 9.jfif
Dumpster 6.jfif
Dumpster 5.jfif
Dumpster 10.jfif

5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

5th wheel 8.jfif
5th wheel 3.jfif
5th wheel 6.jfif
5th wheel 5.jfif
5th wheel.jfif
5th wheel 4.jfif

Warrior Willy

Warrior Willy.jfif
Warrior Willy 2.jfif

Antique Gate

gate 2.jfif
gate 3.jfif

Log Rack 

Log Rack 2.jfif
Log Rack.jfif

Saw Box 

saw box.jfif
saw box 2.jfif
saw box 4.jfif
saw box 3.jfif

Custom Bike 

bike 6.jfif
bike 5.jfif
bike 8.webp
bike 3.jfif
bike 4.jfif
bike 16.jfif
bike 12.jfif
bike 15.jfif
bike 9.jfif
bike 11.jfif
bike 17.jfif
bike 24.jfif
bike 19.jfif
bike 13.jfif
bike 2.jfif
bike 14.jfif
bike 10.jfif
bike 18.jfif
bike 7.jfif
bike 26.jfif
bike 27.jfif
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